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How to Buy Remy Indian Hair? - Buying Guide for Remy Indian Human Hair!

Remy Indian Human Hair wholesale
  • What Is Remy Human Hair

  • How to find Best Remy Indian Hair Suppliers

  • List of Remy Indian Hair Suppliers

  • Cost / Price of Remy Indian Human Hair

  • Minimum Order Quantity

  1. What is Remy Human Hair Extensions

  • Human Hair has a outer rich covering called cuticle which runs through out the hair strand and look like fish scales in structure,

  • Precautions has to be taken to arrange the roots and tips in opposite direction at the time of collecting Human hair from the Donor.

  • Remy Hair contains cuticle running in the same direction, which prevents matting / tangling of hair and allows the hair to be used for longer years.

Remy Indian Hair supplier

2. How to find Best Remy Indian Hair Suppliers

  • Indian Hair suppliers are the best choice if you want to buy authentic Remy Human Indian Hair. Chinese Suppliers mix animal hair and synthetic hair. So try to narrow down your search to Indian Hair Suppliers

  • Look for age old Human hair companies rather than new start up.of five to seven generations in the Human Hair Industry,

  • Look for a credible supplier with no / less complaints. It is very important to do this research before sending your hard earned money. You can Filter credible companies by two factors, one is by looking at the age of the company and another is by looking at the diversification of the hair company. Many Indian Human Hair companies have branch offices in Western countries Like USA and United Kingdom.

3.List of Best Remy Indian Human Hair Company:

Remy Indian Hair
Remy Indian Hair

4. Cost of Remy Human Hair

If you want best price buy from Human Hair Extensions Manufacturer and not a reseller

Don't look for the cheapest price as you are risking the quality. Remember quality comes with a cost. Remy hair is expensive than the non remy hair They range from $18 to $25 for size 12 inches, while dealing with a manufacturer

5. Minimum Order Quantity Remember to Buy from a manufacturer and not a reseller. And manufacturers don't do retail sales. MOQ or minimum order quantity is 3 to 5 kilograms as a standard in current situations

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