Designing Process     

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                Everyone wants to look stunning, unique and mesmerizing and your looks are not complete without a perfect hair! Wigs and hair extensions have become a must have among the present generation who are incredibly fashion loving.


                   You are unique and so is your Wig, Indian Mermaid Hair understands this and designs the perfect Wig according to your preferences, face profile, size, and measurements. Our internationally acclaimed designer will help you to achieve the stunning look you ever wanted.


           The designing process consists of initial consultation with the designer, Soundarya and the client where Soundarya discusses with the client about all the technical specifications of the wig like the texture, colour, base cap, density and types of wigs etc and also walks them through her portfolio to understand the preferences of the client. Soundarya will match the clients' preferences with the technical specifications which can give the client the outstanding look they wanted!


                The designer creates a sketch and presents it to the client for approval post which the mock is created. This allows the customer to try the mock and suggest any changes at this stage and once the mock is approved by the customer actual production of the Wig starts. The Wig is carefully stitched in hand to get the mood, countenance and character.


               Once the Wig is complete it is neatly packed in a box and can be delivered or available for pick up by the client to be worn with pride!